Greater Sudbury Full-Service Commercial Snow Removal


Until Snow.

Commercial Snow Plowing

A combination of Wheel Loaders and Backhoes equipped with pusher boxes, and newer model 3/4 & 1 Ton plow trucks equipped with 2 yard parking lot sanders.
Separate shoveling trucks equipped with sand, salt, and ice melter, and snow blowers.

Walkway Shovelling & Salting

As soon as 0.5-1 inch of snow has accumulated, or the storm ends, whichever comes first we dispatch our walkway crews to keep your businesses accessible, and safe.

Parking Lot Sanding

Whether your lot is large enough to require material to be stored on site, or we can simply sand with our trucks after plowing, lot sanding is crucial to reduce liability and keep your tenants and employees safe.

Snow Relocation/Removal

Wide open lots may not require any removal throughout the season. Smaller lots with less space often require removal or relocation after each storm. Whatever your circumstance, we can accomdate.

Still Unsure? Here are 3 more reasons to sign up today. 

7AM Clean Lot Promise 

If we receive 2.5 CM by 10:00 PM-12 PM, we guarantee service prior to 7 a.m. If there is not the trigger amount by that time then we dispatch our crews once there is 2.5 cm accumulated. If this is during your businesses busy hours we will keep the main laneways open, as well as the sidewalks, and do clean-up work after hours.

The Liability Coverage you need

We maintain a $2 Million Auto-Liability Policy, and a $5 Million General Liability Policy. will dispatch our team when we predict there will be 5 cm of snowfall – no matter what time of night. Later in the day we will dispatch our crews again to ensure any left-overs from the city plow or any areas we couldn’t service overnight are completed.

Free Return Trips Included in Price!

We want to give you the #1, most all-encompassing service in the North. Although we regularly monitor our commercial properties, conditions can change with the blink of an eye. Some instances may include, if some cars moved that we were not able to previously clear around, or if any snow has melted from the sun and has began to drip from your roof onto your sidewalk. 

If you ever need us to come back for whatever reason, we will dispatch a team member asap with no questions asked! This is completely free of charge and included in your monthly rate.

Do NOT wait. We have limited space available.

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