Can shoveling snow be deadly?

We have been gearing up quickly for a big winter season. The Farmers almanac predicts a steady winter with above-average precipitation.

While many of the baby boomers & generations before are known for their great work ethic, we see more and more individuals taking care of their own shovelling, or snow blowing into the ages of 70, 80 and even 90 years old. Eventually, a family member steps in and says “Enough!”

From our perspective, this is great to see because it drastically reduces the risk of cardiac-related injuries that are associated with the intense activities of snow shovelling. We all have an older family member that is still completely independent when we know they should probably be asking for more help than they currently are.


Did you know…

  • Heart rates and blood pressure of healthy young men increased more when shovelling snow then when running on a treadmill
  • Most snow shovelling occurs between 6am-10am which is when we are most vulnerable to heart attacks
  • Many people actually hold their breath when in the act of shovelling snow
  • Risks of cardiac trouble increase drastically if the person is not physically active, or if they smoke or live a sedentary lifestyle
  • Using a snow blower reduces the strain on the body but is still extremely taxing on the body. Still many deaths occur while using a snow blower
  • Winter storm Jonas of early 2016 in the north-eastern U.S. resulted in 20 deaths, 50% were caused by shovelling snow or the effects, shortly afterwards
  • 1,647 snow-shovelling fatalities have occurred in the U.S. between 1990-2006 , most commonly occurring to men over 55


Our snow removal rates for residential driveways starting at $495.99 including HST. At a starting price point of under $100.00 per month it is surely time to sell the snow blower and shovel and invest in your families and your health and piece of mind by letting our hardworking workers tackle our 250 cm+ of annual average snowfall with the proper equipment and training.


If you can not afford to hire a company to perform your Snow Removal, what options do you have left?

#1. Use a snow blower instead of a shovel

#2. Keep up with the storm. It is much easier to move 5 cm, 4 separate times than 20 cm once.

#3. Use the smallest shovel possible, forcing you to move smaller amounts

#4. Go slow, it is not a race. Taking a break and drinking some water is often all that is needed to bring your heart rate back down to normal levels.

#5. Limit alcohol and food intake immediately prior and immediately after removing the snow.

#6. If you are using a shovel, purchase an item such as a SnowFloat so that you are able to push the snow towards the street instead of lifting it.

#7. Know the signs of cardiac arrest, and be quick to act if you experience shortness of breath, pressure in your chest, or abnormal pain in other areas. It’s always best to let a friend or family member know you are clearing your driveway.

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